Thursday, May 21, 2015

Broke Finish Line 5:3

Hi =]

Welcome Back to the final chapter of my Broke Apocalypse. 
The last Restrictions- Criminal, Journalism, and Entertainment. :)

I'm following the Borg Rules Here

  If I needed an Heir it would be Joanna. She's steady, friendly, and she's the oldest. 
This is her boyfriend... whose name I forgot. 

 Jonail is now a child.

"I am so hoping you'll marrying me and move in."

Since we're near the end, who knows what might happen. She's giving me a backup Sim.

I'm calling him, Whatshisname.
I think he's a Uni Streaker. XD

Joshuah got his Level 8 Promotion
Wonderful, Joshuah!
"Meh, I'm bored in this job."
You'll be able to leave soon. 

"Hi, puppy. Where do you live?"
Tucker! He already lifted one pet restriction.
"Can I keep him?"
That will be up to him.

"Ta-Da! I got a A+ report card, Mom!"

"Hi, and welcome to my home."
I don't know why I can't wait for all the kids to grow up for his visit.

Hmm... what didn't he like? 

WHAT? It's their bedroom. What do you expect in there, a hot tub? 
Why? They can use the bug spray now. XD

Promotion to Level 9 and he picks up the trash. 

Tree on Fire! @.@
Like they don't go right out. At least they weren't fined.
"Hi.... is there something wrong?"

"You should stick to your bookcase and quit looking through that telescope. It's an invasion of privacy, you hear me?" -Cooke
"How do you know I was looking at you? Were you using your telescope to spy on us? Hmm? -Joanna
You know he was... poor, bored and lonely Sim.

"Woot! How Awesome!"
Jonail brought home his first A+.

Rock, Paper, Scissors... why is that so fun? Go outside and play. The weather is sooo nice. 
"But I'm winning!" -Jill

Mr. Big has hit his LTW. 

Time for Jill to grow up.
Who left their TV dinner on the floor? Please, pick it up and eat it.

Poof! Into Uni.

Ugh... Poor baby. Call a cab and go back home. Your job is waiting.
"But, can't I just go and meet some new Sims?"
You can when you get home, how's that?

The Home lot...

Entertainment! Woot- doesn't that sound fun?

She only needs a few skills.

Crap, is that a bill? 
Someone pay that when you're done trying to beam each other in the head with that football. 
I Love it! 
Go get'em, Jill.

It always makes me smile when I can hit ignore. XD

Woot! Wonderful job, Joshuah.
Journalism has been lifted. 

Jill was promoted to Level 7 :)
"Someone, Anyone, come scratch my nose for me. I can't reach it."

Then she walks right back to work. Love it. =D
The new level is from 2-8

Promotion to Level 8!
And this new job is from 4-11... so-

She heads back to work, again! Squeee~ Awesome.

Joshuah gets to do the first crossword in 5 generations!

In one day she's up to Level 9
I think that was 3 promotions. XD

I let them order some groceries. I don't think they needed any, it was me having fun.

"Have I told you how sweet you are, dear?"
Josh wanted to cook.

"Hey, thanks. If you wait here I'll try and tip you."
"No problem. I'll stand here for a few minutes."

Just a touch more Elixir. Shhh....

It's time for Jill to go to work- Level 9
Oops, there's lots of good food now... time to workout, Joshuah.

Awesome~ Entertainment is lifted!

It's been so long since I've been able to use the Entertain option.

I let Jill get her LTW job since it was available.
Yes, I play with the walls down. XD

Joshuah has been wanting to see her again. 
Maybe he won't bring up being a criminal again. :)

Lol~ That's all Joshuah. I didn't tell him to do that. XD

It's time to check the jobs for Jonail. I did keep a paper with the last 3 lifts. Backups are handy.

Because it's his birthday!

Aw... sandals and socks. The horror. You do not want to go to school wearing that. O.o

Don't be gossiping when your kids are listening. O.O

Poor Jonail- not a good outfit either. It's a good thing you're not staying.

He does get to visit a community lot. Why not, right?

He so wanted to meet and chat with someone besides family.

And then it was time to go home. 
Much better clothes choice. You won't need a new outfit at home.

Everyone is home. :)

Sad to say but the paper had Criminal because it had sat so long.
I can only hope it shows up on the computer soon. 

.. relaxing and studying in the family room..

Damica and Sake- the Broke's first cat. :)
 It would be so sweet if she could move it... or is it a he?

Yay! They got Sake. 
She isn't needed but she's a pet and can move in.

Joanna and her hubby.

Hehehee~ The power! 
But, I checked and he won't loose anythig so I choose-

Socialite! He was promoted.

Promotion to Level 2
This is going to be so slow. :(

Cool! A networking promotion for his next day of work. 
Hug her, nooow. Or tell her a joke. XD

I've been moving the groceries around in different inventories. They don't need it so why waste it.

Hi, 3nd generation Broke. :D
"What a nice house." -Dustin Jr.
What the hell? Why would you do that? O.O
No, I didn't tell the him to mess with a skunk.. Lol! Dummy.

"I stink. Why did the cat spray me with this aweful smell?"
Because it's a skunk... go take a shower, dummy.

I really should have tried to remember his name. XD

It was time for Joshuah and Jill to move out. 
He's bored and she wants to go, too.
And... well, Joanna is NOT pregnant. 
Promotion to Level 3

Woot! Criminal is on the Computer. He just go 3 promotions to Level 6.

Yay!- I wish I felt like building them a mansion. I don't though.
 Good work Damica.

Work day! 
It's Wednesday, Week 22

Sake still has his job and his skills.
Not that it matters, I was just checking. :)

Spare generation 6 daddy is doing some work. That's a lot of leaves from such a small tree.

A visiting Sim just loves Damica. :)
"Your family is just the greatest for doing so much for the whole town."

Jonail was promoted to Level 7!

Cute picture spam. 
I think she's the prettiest Sim from MY generation play. I've seen others have adorable kids, I usually don't. XD
Promotion to Level 8!

Yep- I knew it. He was a Uni Streaker.

He loves to walk around like this. XD
"Son in law, can you put some clothes on?"
"Hey, daddyo- I'm a free type of Sim."

"You shouldn't mess with daddy, hon."
Here's your breakfast..."

Josh loves to brag. This was funny to watch- he was bragging about their woohoo. XD
Got to love Mr. Big- at least I do.

I thought about adopting Tucker... and then didn't. Maybe I should have. :(

Try for Baby! 
*lullaby chimes*

Promoted to Level 9! Then right back to work. 

Still Week 22, ~Thursday.

They had a date... and Now Joanna is pregnant.

Tucker! You get back here so I can scold you. O.o

Lol! Bear @ss soccer.

"Are you feeling okay, hon?"
 I don't think he'll ever get dressed again.. O.o

Jamming in the back yard. They love to fish and then jam out.

Awesome~ Jonail has lifted Criminal.
~The Apocalypse is over~
  It took 22 Weeks and 5 days (154+5=159 days) to finish. =]

Although I never did throw one. XD

The books I kept. Most were tossed out.

My Family Tree- with Restriction lifts. 

Thanks so much for Reading and Happy Simming! <3

Next, I will play Dustin Broke in an Extremely Broke Adult Start Apocalypse- How much longer will it take without a Uni start?

Stay Tuned :)